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Welcome to the Elysia,

Elysia is a [Procyon] nation clan and is currently very new ! The guild was established on the 22nd of October 2011 by me (xPriscilla). We're currently recruiting members of all levels and i hope you enjoy your stay ^_^

Please read the guild rules and follow them. Breaking any of these rules will result in a boot from the guild !

As a member of Elysia you must follow the following rules:

1. We do not tolerate any hacking or scamming within our guild
2. Please keep our guild chats, topics and post free of profanity (No foul language ! )
3. Treat each other players as well as your guildies with respect.

[Rules to be updated XD]

Remember ! If you wanted to be treated nicely you should treat them the same way ! Always keep calm in a situtation and don't be provoked. Prove that your mature.

Thanks for reading ! Enjoy your stay ;)
Guild News

Welcome !!

xPriscilla, Oct 21, 11 10:34 PM.
Welcome to the Elysia guild forum. Remember to post in the Introduce yourself section ! ;)
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We're currently opened for recruiting. No level limits or any major requirements but the player must be in the nation [Procyon]
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